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Pneumo Gauges

Standard Pneumo Gauge

The Standard Pneumo Gauge is a precision pressure gauge used for diver depth monitoring or for measuring the pressure within a hyperbaric chamber offering it to zero the pointer via an adjustment screw located on the front of the gauge. Available in 150mm, 20mm, 250mm and 300mm diameters with a black powder coated steel case and 160mm diameter with a 304 stainless steel case, the Standard Pneumo Gauge is fully degreased and is designed for commercial diving applications where breathing air is being used.

With an accuracy of 0.25% full scale, an easy to read mirror band dial and knife edge pointer, the Standard Pneumo Gauge is built to the same high standards as out Premium Pneumo Gauge but does not feature the full safety pattern case required for oxygen service or for applications in Europe where the instrument range exceeds 25 Bar (250 metres sea water). Bezels available in Black, Red, Green or yellow.

  • Diameters 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm
  • 0.25% accuracy and fully degreased
  • Powder coated case with coloured bezels
  • Supplied with calibration certification

Mini Pneumo Gauge

The Mini Pneumo Gauge offers 0.25% accuracy in a compact 100mm diameter case. Offered with a stainless steel case in the standard version and black powder coated finish on the full safety pattern design, the gauge features a mirror band dial and knife edge pointer.

  • 0.25% accuracy with compact 100mm diameter case
  • stainless steel case on standard design
  • powder coated case on full safety pattern design
  • supplied with calibration certification

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