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Sealed Case Subsea Gauges

Sealed subsea pressure gauges rely on the strength of the case and window to withstand the external pressure of sea water at depth. The process media entering the measuring system is measured against the air pressure trapped within the case which will be approximately equal to atmosphere or gauge pressure at the surface (i.e. the zero point equals 1 atmosphere or approximately 1 Bar absolute). As this style of gauge effectively has its own internal reference pressure, as well as being used to measure a pressure system subsea, it can also be used to measure depth if the pressure port its left open to the sea water. Care must be taken to ensure the case is correctly rated to the depth at which it will be operating and that the measuring element is protected from the ambient pressure of the sea water if this is greater than the full scale range of the gauge.

450 Series Dive Bell & Caisson Gauge

The 450 series is a compact and robust 73mm diameter sealed case subsea pressure gauge suitable for depths to 450 metres. The design features an integral panel mounting ring so it can be conveniently mounted direct back entry or panel mounted.The 450 Series is ideal for use on diving bell air oxygen cylinders and for caisson pressure measurement since it can be used inside or outside the bell.

Manufactured with a 316 stainless steel case with a Bourdon Tube in ranges from 10 Bar to 400 Bar.

  • Suitable for depths to 450 metres subsea
  • 316 stainless steel case and ranges to 400 Bar
  • Universal panel or direct mount centre back
  • Ideal for gas bottles and subsea regulators/manifolds

Sealed Case Subsea Gauges

Sealed case subsea gauges can be manufactured in diameters from 63mm to 160mm and are available in a range of direct out or panel mounting options. Each design of gauge will have a maximum depth rating that is printed on the dial face which should never be exceeded. Sealed subsea gauges can be used to measure a system pressure subsea or used to measure sea water depth.

  • 316 stainless steel case and wetted parts
  • Standard pressure ranges from 0-6 Bar to 0-1000 Bar
  • Maximum depth ratings:
    • 63mm diameter 2000 metres subsea
    • 100mm diameter 6000 metres subsea
    • 160mm diameter 450 metres subsea

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